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I've spoken to many of you before or after our classes at Yoga In the Park. We've had such rich, dynamic interactions around yoga, meditation, and healing. It seems we are always left wanting to chat more! Patreon is our space to dive a little deeper into conversation, explanations, connection, and community. You will find new and full moon activations, weekly 90 minute Vinyasa Flow, weekly sunset meditations, discussions, and Q & A. It's a little invitation into my world! Please CLICK HERE to be directed to Patreon

Example Topics: 

  • Beginner Vinyasa Flow Instruction
  • Yoga for Autoimmune Disorders
  • Meditation for Deep Emotions 
  • Transitions with Grace
  • Meditation for Challenging Times
  • Kundalini Practice
  • Sound Bath & Explanation (Vibrational Healing) 
  • Yoga Off the Mat

Thank You. 

Blessings on Your Journey. 


Membership Tiers Include: 

  • 4 Sessions Monthly Private Yoga or Meditation Practice 
  • Weekly 90 Min Slow Flow Practice
  • Weekly Sunset Meditations
  • Exclusive content
  • Patron-only updates
  • Ritual Full Moon & New Moon Activations
  • Live Q&As
  • Chat community