$5 Yoga In the Park

The season is starting to change and it's time to head indoors as YOGA IN THE PARK embraces its new winter alter ego YOGA AT THE BANK. This is a beautiful space! We will practice looking out onto the greenery of the park, the fountains, the trees.

There are now two options for Saturday $5 YOGA at Columbia Bank's Old Bellevue Financial Hub:

9:00am Level 2 Vinyasa Flow

10:30am Level 1 Vinyasa Slow Flow

YOGA IN THE PARK Summer Season 2023 announcements are available by email HERE.
"I just wanted to say thank you for leading such an inclusive yoga in the park. I am the bigger lady that struggles, and I always feel included and surrounded by kindness. I appreciate you showing me how to modify stretches to work better with my body. I was always intimidated to do yoga because I thought I had to be fit, your class doesn't make me feel that way at all. Thank you for a lovely class. I'll be back!"

$5 Yoga In the Park